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About Alesich Studios

Jayden Alesich is the Founder of Alesich Studios specializing in automotive photography at car meets in and around Auckland.


At Alesich Studios we are passionate in capturing your pride and joy with high quality photos. We also provide private shoots on request,


Alesich Studios was founded in 2020 to offer the very best professional photos to like minded automotive lovers like yourself!

If you are like us then you can't get enough of that professional look in your photos.

Our studio delivers the best in automotive photography:

  • Highest quality photography service

  • An awesome photoshoot experience

  • focusing on giving you high end photos of your car


Alesich Studios is able to customise our photography services to your needs - what ever they may be. 

Get in touch with us now to arrange your next photoshoot!


Book A Photoshoot


$80 = 1 Spot, 15-25 photos

$120 = 2 Spots, 25-35 photos



Instagram: Alesich_Studios

Facebook: Alesich Studios


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